Ruth Johnson’s Blind Eye Justice

Will Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and Attorney General Bill Schuette do the right thing and call for an independent investigation of possible illegal mortgage foreclosure operations by a Republican campaign contributor?

Linda Orlans and her daughter reportedly gave $7,200 to Johnson’s 2010 campaign for Secretary of State and the Troy-based Orlans and Associates is now at the center of questionable mortgage transactions that one expert says could put as many as 15,000 foreclosures in legal limbo. 

This is a national story, reported today by Michigan Messenger and the MFI-Miami blog.

Mortgage fraud investigator and blogger Steve Dibert, based out of Miami and Traverse City, was instrumental in surfacing a robo-signing operation involving Orlans that caused Massachusetts to put the firm on a special watch list.  Dibert also surfaced the link between Orlans and the Michigan Secretary of State whose office is responsible for investigating notary fraud. 

Writes Dibert:

According to Johnson’s campaign finance reports, Both Linda and Alison Orlans gave Johnson, who was still Clerk during her Secretary of State campaign, a total of $7200 for her campaign. Linda Orlans gave $3400 on 7/30/2010 and Alison Orlans gave $3400 on 10/29/2010. From the files I’ve reviewed from the Oakland County Register of Deeds, it appears Orlans Associates had been filing bogus documents during Johnson’s entire tenure as Oakland County Clerk.

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