Great Lakes Political Academy: 2016 Fellows

Program Overview

The Great Lakes Political Academy seeks to recruit, develop, and connect top-flight campaign staff and leaders for the purpose of improving progressive campaigns, organizations, and initiatives. GLPA fellows begin the program April 17, 2016 and complete the program at the end of July 17, 2016. During their 3 months in the program, fellows attend weekly and biweekly sessions led by national and statewide campaign experts and complete weekly applied coursework assignments and campaign simulations. Additionally, graduating fellows are matched with campaign experts who serve as individual mentors for the remainder of the election cycle following the conclusion of the program.

The program includes the following four components in sequence:

  • General Program
  • Specialization Program
  • Mentorship Program

General Program

The General Program runs weekly with three-hour Sunday sessions that conclude on Sunday, July 17th, 2016. The program includes in total 14 three-hour sessions led by statewide and national campaign experts covering topics related to field, finance, communications, management, and volunteer coordination. Each session is comprised of content delivered by an expert in the related topic, a simulation exercise, and an applied coursework assignment to be completed following the session and prior to the next session. At the completion of the 3-month general program, fellows should have in-depth understanding of all parts of a State House or State Senate campaign.

Mentorship Program

GLPA has a pool of campaign experts who serve as mentors for graduating fellows. Each graduating fellow is matched with a mentor with whom the fellow can maintain regular contact throughout the campaign cycle. Fellows are placed with mentors by May 20th.




For more information or to apply, visit, email [email protected], or call (734) 330-5937.

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