Michigan Economic Justice Action Fund: Canvasser

Michigan Economic Justice Action Fund

MEJAF 2016

Canvasser Job Description

This person is recruited by MEJAF and takes responsibility for knocking doors on behalf of the Michigan Economic Justice Action Fund. While MEJAF’s Field Director and other staff may help train Canvassers in addition to their Local Field Coordinator, they report to their Local Field Coordinator. 4 1/2 hour shifts begin at $62.50/shift with the possibility of earning up to $72.50/shift over time.

Job Duties:

  • Canvassers are the front line of MEJAF’s communication with targeted voters. Communication with voters, colleagues and supervisors is expected to be professional, accurate, and enthusiastic.
  • Canvassers should ensure that voters are asked the questions in the door script and that the answers to these questions are recorded appropriately. All door results are expected to be databased into the VAN, on a tablet, while at the doors, in a timely manner.
  • Canvassers are expected to average at the minimum 80 doors knocked per shift.
  • Debrief with Local Field Coordinator after each shift, letting the LFC know of any problems or highlights from time spent contacting voters.
  • Complete timesheets/tracking documents after each shift, and give to Local Field Coordinator.

Send a statement of why you’re interested in this job, and two professional references, to MEJAF.Hiring@gmail.com.  We will notify applicants if we want to interview them further. Interviews are done on a rolling basis, so apply today!

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