Poll: Betsy DeVos Has Abysmal Public Support


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February 10, 2017

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Poll: Betsy DeVos Has Abysmal Public Support

Voters condemn disastrous confirmation, positions on education

MICHIGAN — According to a recent poll by Public Policy Polling, the American people have very negative views toward recently-confirmed U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

According to Public Policy Polling, “Betsy DeVos may have been confirmed this week, but she made a horrible impression on the public. Only 27% of voters see her positively to 49% with a negative opinion of her”.

DeVos is even less popular than Donald Trump, the most unpopular President at this point in their first term (43/53), Paul Ryan (35/47) and Saturday Night Live running jokes Sean Spicer (32/41) and Kellyanne Conway (34/47).

“Betsy DeVos may have been able to buy herself a cabinet position, but she can’t buy support from the American people. Clearly people are not fans of having a right-wing billionaire who only cares about raking in profits for her unaccountable charter schools in charge of education in this country,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “There’s a reason that the vote to confirm DeVos was one of the closest in the history of this nation: nobody wants her around except for the people with pockets full of her cash. People around Michigan and the nation are ready to resist her agenda.”


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