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Did Brian Calley Accuse Bill Schuette of Misconduct in Office?

Did Brian Calley Accuse Bill Schuette of Misconduct in Office? This week, Lt. Governor Brian Calley made the following statement to Nolan Finley on 910AM in Detroit about Attorney General Bill Schuette’s Flint investigation: “I don’t think there’s any chance whatsoever they would have been charged with the things they’ve been charged with if Bill […]


Defending Healthcare Beats Defending Statues

For the last year, conservatives have spent their time defending the honor of dead confederates. Meanwhile, progressives have spent the year defending the healthcare of millions of living and breathing Americans. Those two strategies were on display in yesterday’s Virginia gubernatorial race. Dr. Ralph Northam, the Lt. Governor, campaigned on protecting the Affordable Care Act […]


Someone Lied; Bill Schuette Let Them

Top Snyder aide, Harvey Hollins, knew about Flint’s legionella issue in March of 2015.  He claimed at the time that he didn’t inform the governor until January of 2016. Governor Snyder told Congress the same story under oath. However, when Hollins was under oath he changed his tune and testified that he told Governor Snyder […]


Establishment Republicans Punish Conservative Colbeck

I do not like Senator Patrick Colbeck’s policies, his ego or his politics. Colbeck’s conservative agenda would throw Michigan’s backwards slide we’ve experienced during the Snyder/Schuette era into overdrive. Despite backing nearly every horrible policy supported by Sndyer, Schuette and other establishment Republicans, Colbeck just can’t get any love from his own caucus. In fact, […]


Shady Schuette’s Bigoted Night Out

Bill Schuette wants to be Michigan’s next governor and he’s doing all he can to curry favor with the extreme right. Schuette has spent his career fighting for corporations and pushing his own extreme social views on the rest of us. This week, Schuette pulled one of his patented shady moves on the Michigan Civil […]


Our Friend Tony

  A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Trupiano. It was like meeting someone you know because I had listened to Tony’s radio show on various platforms. Tony’s show gave voice to all of our concerns during the Bush years. He gave a platform to folks talking about issues that no […]


Schuette Missing in Action on Opiate Addiction Crisis

Last week, Ohio Attorney General Michael DeWine announced he was suing five pharmaceutical companies for their role in the opiate addiction crisis in America. The suit alleges the companies flooded the market with prescription painkillers leading to the addiction for many who took them. DeWine claimed suing these companies was a “moral obligation” because the […]