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Two Ways to Respond to Fixed Incomes

This month, we have seen two different responses to those living on fixed incomes. Earlier this month, State Senator Patrick Colbeck (R – Canton) took to social media to complain about his salary describing it as a “fixed income” and giving others tips on how they can follow his lead and cut their cable and […]


Is Ruth Johnson Hopped Up?

Oh My God! Michigan’s Secretary of State Ruth Johnson released an odd video starring a kangaroo biting her face after she finished a spoken word rap song about the virtues of the internet. Don’t believe me? Check it out. Gimmicks like this are not the type of leadership Michigan needs right now. Michigan has fallen […]


GOP to Cops: Blue Lives Don’t Matter

Republicans love to wrap themselves in the flag, wave around (albeit not always read) the Constitution and sow division by embracing phrases such as “Blue Lives Matter.” But, this week Lansing Republicans showed just how much police lives (and teacher lives, and firefighter lives, etc.) matter to them by proposing cuts to retiree health care. […]

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, is shown during an announcement to redevelop the Ford Motor Co. shuttered 320-acre Wixom Assembly Plant as the nation's largest renewable energy park Sept. 10, 2009 in Wixom, Mich.   (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Mike Bishop’s Lost Decade

Republicans tried twice, and failed, to beat Jennifer Granholm at the ballot box. Not only did they fail, but Dick DeVos failed spectacularly in 2006. Despite those failures, Michigan Republicans continue to run against Granholm. What many of us call, “The Bush Years” are called, “The Lost Decade” by the Michigan GOP. The fact of […]


GOP Silence on Marino is Deafening

Macomb County Commissioner and Republican candidate for the State House Steve Marino is apparently a fan of outsourcing jobs, lowering wages and forcing 10-year old children to work. Marino was caught making these abhorrent statements at a public meeting. This isn’t the first time that Marino was caught making statements that should make people question […]


Labor Today

Today is Labor Day – a day that many will mark with one last summer cookout, or a day that students have dreaded since the beginning of summer vacation. Some will mark the holiday by celebrating past victories for the labor movement. These victories earned child labor protections, overtime rules, healthcare, secure retirement and built […]