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Doing the Right Thing is Priceless

Lansing became Michigan’s first sanctuary city on Monday night. It was a victory for immigration rights organizations, local activists, and the city as a whole. Lansing (where I live and where Progress Michigan has offices) is strongest when families aren’t being ripped apart because of a broken immigration system. One of the possible bumps in […]


We Need a Vaccine Against Stupidity

Yesterday marked the start of National Public Health Week. This is a blog about some of Michigan’s conservative elected officials who clearly did not get the memo. Michigan Republicans have decided to throw established science and concerns for public health out the window by introducing bills that are clearly catered to the anti-vaccine crowd — and […]


Lee Don’t Know Detroit

  I’ll keep this short. Republican Representative Lee Chatfield is from Levering, Michigan. It’s over four hours away from Detroit. Maybe it’s the distance, maybe it’s the fact that he’s only attended small, private, Christian schools, or maybe it’s the fact he’s a hardline conservative who has received the endorsement of Dave Agema, but Lee […]


Why I Support the Recount

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the presidential recount that’s underway in Michigan. Here are my thoughts on the matter and why I think fellow progressives should speak up in support of the effort. First off, I’m wondering why we don’t have a recount/audit period for every presidential election. We rely on […]


Law & Order: Schuette Trump Unit

Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette is the state’s top law enforcement official. It’s his job, as he put it when talking about the Flint Water Crisis, to seek out justice “without fear or favor.” So why is it that he continues to back someone like Donald Trump for president? Trump claims to be the candidate […]


White Privilege in Action

In May of 2015, Progress Michigan called out Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Teana Walsh, who was advocating on her Facebook for the summary execution of Black Lives Matter protesters and rioters in Baltimore in the wake of the killing of Freddie Gray. She wound up resigning from her position in disgrace. But guess what? She’s […]


Snyder’s Drinking Games

Back in April, Gov. Rick Snyder attempted to feign empathy for the people of Flint by claiming he would drink Flint water for 30 days. Days after the announcement, Snyder left his post to travel to Europe where — unsurprisingly — he failed to live up to his own solidarity effort and didn’t drink Flint water. […]


About that Johns Hopkins “Doctor”

A position paper from a Johns Hopkins “doctor” named Paul McHugh is making the rounds amongst the anti-LGBT crowd because he espouses a right-wing narrative that denies transgender people equal rights. You don’t even need to read anything about McHugh’s opinion to know it’s a complete crock. When people like disgraced former elected official Todd […]