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"And then, I told them corporate tax cuts create jobs!"

300 Jobs Gone, GOP Shrugs

One of the nation’s largest homebuilders, PulteGroup Inc., yesterday announced that they’d be moving their headquarters and over 300 workers from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to Atlanta, Georgia. Reports indicated that Snyder and other state officials were “surprised” by the decision that came as they attended a weeklong party dedicated to celebrating the state’s supposed economic […]


It’s A Skunk Works Party, And You’re Invited

Fresh off a major embarrassment when his Administration’s secret “Skunk Works” project to defund public education was exposed, Gov. Snyder forced the group into the public eye. State Superintendent Mike Flanagan is now leading the project, and accepting public input on Facebook and through an online survey. We saw earlier this week that Superintendent Flanagan […]


Impeach Obama?

Impeaching President Obama for the crime of “Presidenting While A Democrat” has been on the lips of conservatives since early in his first term, for everything from not defending the federal ban on marriage equality in court to just existing. But it’s reached a fever pitch in recent days, as some members of the right-wing […]


Confused by Push to Gut Auto No-Fault? You’re Not Alone

For the second time since taking control of Lansing, Republican politicians are working to gut Michigan’s model no-fault insurance system. What’s different this time? Rick Snyder is on board with the plan. The Republican plan to gut auto no-fault (known affectionately as “Snydercare” around our office) would fundamentally change how auto insurance works for Michigan […]


Michigan House Republicans Have No Agenda

Since last July, it’s been clear that if they retained a slim majority in this legislative session, House Republicans would be totally unmoored, driven by nothing more than a desire to obstruct any legislation aimed at creating jobs, making health care affordable for people who don’t have it paid for by taxpayers, and extracting revenge […]