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Let the voters decide: Stop conservative-lead government overreach

Progress Michigan’s Communications Director, Jessica Tramontana, will be appearing live on MSNBC at 2:15 to discuss the latest conservative attempt at government overreach – forcing women to purchase an extra rider for abortion insurance – and to remind viewers that rape is not an accident. A few months ago, a reporter confronted anti-choice lobbyists on […]


Don’t look behind the curtain

Progress Michigan released a report today that revealed what many Michiganders already know — that the Mackinac Center for Public Policy is a front group for right-wing extremists. The Mackinac Center has always been a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and now there’s proof. The report HERE details how the Mackinac Center claims to be an […]


Judge, Jury and Executioner

The GOP has effectively rigged the court system for partisan judges to preside over the cases they want to win. Hand picking winners? From Right to Work, to a tax increase on seniors to cuts to education funding, shifting the system to their favor is pretty much the M.O. of the Snyder administration and the […]

Welcome to Never Never Land

Welcome to the land of nonsensical decisions, where the tyranny of the minority is holding countless people hostage in a logistical standoff. The federal government shutdown has lasted one week, with neither side appearing to back down. When do Republicans want to end this nonsense? Even they’re not sure. This past week, one thing has […]


The far-right and legislative anarchy

Once again, the United States is facing a self-manufactured crisis. And right on cue, conservatives have answered by holding our country hostage. In an asinine and desperate attempt to stop Obamacare from being implemented, Republicans in Congress are holding all U.S. citizens hostage by threatening a government shutdown. In a semi-maniacal effort to delay the […]


An “F” for Rep. Lyons

Representative Lisa Lyons is at it again. This time, she wants to change the Department of Education’s school ranking system to a letter-grade system. She says the color-coded system proposed is “ambiguous and unclear.” It’s well past time for Rep. Lyons to practice what she preaches.  Rep. Lyons deserves a letter grade, and that’s an […]


Grasping at straws

Once again, big-money conservative special interest groups have proven they’re out of touch with Michigan’s middle-class by going after Lansing City Council candidate Chong-Anna Canfora in an apparent witch-hunt. Canfora was accused by the DeVos-backed “Michigan Freedom Fund” of being a current employee of Progress Michigan, even though she’s under contract as a consultant to […]

Randy Richardville, not helping half a million uninsured Michiganders

Summer lovin’

Instead of voting to pass health insurance for nearly half a million low-income families in our state, lawmakers in Lansing made a fast break for vacation. In an effort to force a vote in the Senate on a bill that’s already passed the state House, the Senate Government and Operations Committee met today (video?) while […]