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You matter until you’re born

Lansing Republicans held a hearing today on House Bills 5684 and 5685. These bills would give a tax credit to fetuses after 12 weeks of gestation. Back up. What? Lansing Republicans voted last year to eliminate a state tax credit for parents with children. The message is clear – “your kids don’t count.” These ludicrous […]


Campaign for Corruption

Instead of governing, Gov. Rick Snyder is all about campaigning for corrupt House Speaker Jase Bolger.  Bolger plotted with former Democratic Rep. Roy Schmidt to switch parties a moment before the filing deadline and outsource the competition to a candidate of their choosing: his son’s friend. In effect, robbing Michigan’s 76th District of their voice. […]


Outman: The Pot and Kettle

It’s time for Rep. Rick Outman (R-Six Lakes) to stop the hypocrisy. Documents obtained by Progress Michigan through a Freedom of Information Act request show that Outman has been dishonest with the voters in Montcalm County over his own history of tax delinquency. That’s not stopping him from lobbing hypocritical bombs at former Rep. Mike […]


Choose not to be a bigot

Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Rochester Hills) has some shocking views on homosexuality. In a televised townhall, he publicly said he thinks being gay is optional. You can watch it for yourself here: Fox 2 News Headlines “Well, I think that the thousands of people that have been in that lifestyle and come out would say that […]


Rep. Phil Potvin Dumps on Wexford County

Rep. Phil Potvin (R-Cadillac) was caught dumping toxic pollutants into the ground in his current district, in Wexford County. You can see the proof for yourself – we’ve posted the original documents online. An anonymous call to the state Department of Environmental Quality blew the lid off Western Concrete’s illegal dumping of toxic materials into an […]


Foul on the Truth Squad

The Michigan Truth Squad is a website that claims to “blow the whistle on false and misleading Michigan political speech.” The site labels ads on a sliding and subjective scale, from “flagrant foul,” to “technical foul” to “regular foul” to “warning” to “no foul.” But who’s really behind this website? The Truth Squad is a […]


Cost of Transparency

Michigan needs to increase transparency within government, and it’s one step closer with two bills introduced by state Reps. Mike Shirkey (R- Clarklake) and Paul Opsommer (R- Dewitt). I don’t agree with Mike Shirkey or Paul Opsommer very often. However, both of these bills address critical issues in our state. Opsommer’s bill would create a […]


Politics Over People

The political gamesmanship continues for Lansing Republicans. The state designed health insurance exchange has been torpedoed by Speaker Jase Bolger and House Republicans. This group of obstructionists has wasted $10 million in appropriated federal funding by procrastinating. It’s obvious that Lansing Republicans are more interested in big insurance company profits, and couldn’t care less about […]


Too little, too late

The House unanimously approved a bill on Wednesday that addresses the election fraud scheme Speaker Jase Bolger and Rep. Roy Schmidt cooked up. Speaker Bolger’s audacity never ceases to amaze. Bolger says we need higher election standards, “me included.” Michigan residents need to see this move exactly for what it is: an overt attempt to […]