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#MIGOP Worst Nightmare: Roadtrips

Last week I was fortunate enough to do what many families around Michigan were doing, spending my son’s Spring Break on a family vacation. Our trip took a slightly unexpected turn. Instead of flying, we ended up driving – all the way to Miami. As we drove through numerous states, several things stood out to […]

Pennies for Pat

Pennies for Pat

There is out of touch and then there’s Patrick Colbeck. Senator Colbeck today posted on FB about how he, as a Michigan State Senator, is struggling to live on a “fixed income.” Wait, what? I know, I had the same reaction. As someone who did grow up in a fixed income household, I am livid. […]


White Silence is Violence

I am likely one of the most patriotic people you will meet, I grew up loving our country and all the symbolism that reflects America: the flag, the national anthem, the Fourth of July. I even carry a computer with a flag case on it and once when I was younger had USA shaved into […]


Reflections on 2014

We are so thankful for your support over the course of 2014. We work hard every day to make sure that progressive voices are heard throughout our state. We couldn’t do it alone and we wouldn’t want to. You are the reason we fight like hell for a more progressive state. 2015 is fast approaching. […]

selma ferguson

Thoughts on Ferguson

As I sat and watched the events unfold in Ferguson last night I was filled with many emotions. As a parent, my first thoughts were with Michael Brown’s family and the pain they’re enduring as they not only bury their son, but as they received word that their son’s killer would not be brought to […]

Progress Michigan: Communications Director

Progress Michigan: Communications Director

Application Deadline:  Tuesday, December 10, 2013 or until filled Progress Michigan is organizing for progressive change.  Over the past few years we’ve had some great successes, but there are more to come.   We are hiring a Communications Director to help make that happen. Position Overview: As Communications Director, you will be responsible for driving media […]