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Stand With [Insert Name of Woman You Care About Here]

Your mother’s, sister’s, aunt’s, coworkers’, neighbors’, and friends’ ability to make their own reproductive decisions are under attack – again. An anti-choice group called the Center for Medical Progress has released a series of secretly recorded videos seeking to attack Planned Parenthood and eliminate the organization’s national funding. A third graphic video was just released […]

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Utilities: 2, Michiganders: 0

It’s been a banner week for Michigan utility companies. First, with the help of our Attorney General, Bill Schuette, utilities got a free pass to continue polluting our air and water from the Supreme Court. In a 5-to-4 decision, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote: “It is not rational, never mind ‘appropriate,’ to impose billions of dollars […]


The Budget Shell Game

In case you missed it, Governor Snyder signed the 2016 state budget on Wednesday. Naturally, the governor touted all of the decent things about the new budget but failed to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts being made to critical public services like environmental quality, community health, human services, and transportation. To […]

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Steve Green Preys on Women’s Rights at Prayer Breakfast

Today, the Michigan Prayer Breakfast Committee held their annual prayer breakfast in Lansing. The prayer breakfast is a time each year when corporate-backed organizations, conservative elected officials, and out-of-control capitalists come together to pontificate about “following the ways of the Lord” while simultaneously attempting to disenfranchise struggling families, women, and LGBTQ people; undertones of homophobia […]


Everyone Needs Paid Sick Days

Winter is in full swing in Michigan, as is flu season. Even the most rigorous hand washing, sanitizing, and multivitamin regimen can’t always protect us from the dreaded flu or cold – especially if you have kids (a.k.a small germ factories). When an unexpected illness strikes, sometimes it’s impossible to even get out of bed, […]


Land of the Free…Community College

President Barack Obama wants to make community college free for all Americans. Um, yes please. His 2016 budget includes a proposal for a new grant program that will provide funding to States that agree to waive tuition and fees at community colleges for eligible students, increase their own investment by matching the Federal funds, and […]