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Invest in Kids, Not Corporations

In 2011, Gov. Snyder and the Republican majority in the state Legislature raided the School Aid Fund and slashed school funding, opting to give a $1.8 billion tax break to CEOs and corporations. When all was said and done, they cut school funding by almost a billion dollars, hurting our kids and making Michigan less […]

Wheels Up To Houston!

Wheels Up To Houston!

In 1984, there were an estimated 50 out LGBT officials in the whole world. Today, there are more than 1,000, and they’re on the front lines in the fight for equality every day in their respective public offices. In 2011, an additional 53 openly LGBT candidates joined their ranks, moving the dial that much closer […]

If You Can't Win On The Merits, Cheat

If You Can’t Win On The Merits, Cheat

Republicans’ 2012 election strategy? If you can’t win the vote fairly, keep people from voting. This year, a wave of legislation tightening voting restrictions has suddenly swept across the nation. All but two of the new laws were signed by Republican governors and generated by Republican legislatures. According to a study published by the Brennan […]


Speaker Bolger: Facts Are Stubborn Things

Speaking to Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta during a call-in show this morning, Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger claimed that Michigan was the “only state to lose green jobs.” Speaker Bolger may find the truth a little inconvenient, but as President John Adams famously said, “facts can be stubborn things.” While the Brookings Institute […]