DETROIT, MI - MAY 21: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder speaks speaks to reporters after a luncheon May 21, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan. JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon announced during the luncheon that JP Morgan Chase will invest $100-million to help the city of Detroit with blight removal, urban development, home loans and retraining people in the work force. (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

We’re in Quite a State

“Here’s an idea: rather than all of us creating our own GoFundMe pages to collect money to provide water, filters, and medical care for people in Flint, what if we just created 1 and we all donated to it? We could call it the ‘State of Michigan government’ or something like that. #‎FlintWaterCrisis P.S. I bet […]


No Exemptions from Transparency: New Campaign Launched in Michigan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE News from Progress Michigan January 28, 2016 Contact: Sam Inglot, 616-916-0574, No Exemptions from Transparency: New Campaign Launched in Michigan Progress Michigan Launches Campaign to End FOIA Exemption for Gov, Legislature LANSING — Progress Michigan announced today that the organization has launched a campaign committed to ending the exemption from Michigan’s […]


Heckuva Job, Denny

The Flint Water Crisis is a man-made tragedy that has dominated local, national and international news coverage. People in Flint, all across Michigan, the United States and other countries are paying attention. Sadly, it seems that the only place where the crisis isn’t a big deal is the Michigan State Senate. As a matter of […]


Republicans and Right to Life are at it again, trying to control women’s reproductive decisions

There was a hearing in the House Appropriations Committee this morning on House Bill 4145, sponsored by Rep. Thomas Hooker (R), which would restrict a woman’s access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare. It would prohibit State of Michigan family planning funding from going to providers that offer abortion services. The primary goal of the bill is […]

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR JPMORGAN CHASE & CO. - Michigan Governor Rick Snyder addresses Detroit community and elected leaders at a luncheon where JPMorgan Chase & Co. unveils a $100 million, five-year commitment to support and accelerate Detroit's economic recovery at The Garden Theater on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 in Detroit. (Photo by William Pugliano/Invision for JPMorgan Chase & Co./AP Images)

Republicans Poisoned Flint. Let’s Hold them Accountable

  Decades of our representatives in Lansing cutting millions of dollars from local budgets and making it impossible to invest in infrastructure – it’s what’s led to the deplorable condition of Michigan’s roads, failing public education across the state, and now, the Flint water crisis. Had our representatives invested in our state’s water infrastructure over […]


You Don’t Say?

Another long-term scandal with no answers from the Snyder Administration Of late, even when he’s supposed to be taking questions from the press, Rick Snyder has been assiduously avoiding certain questions, most notably, anything having to do with his culpability in the poisoning of Flint families with lead in the water. But, expectations are also […]


Snyder’s Shameless Kickbacks

Gov. Rick Snyder has once again appointed a politically-connected ally to a major position at a public institution. The governor recently decided to appoint Bobby Schostak, the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party and a chain restaurant/real estate investor, to serve on the Oakland University Board of Trustees. Surely there was nobody in Michigan […]