Wake Me Up When September Begins

The right-wingers over at Americans for Prosperity and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy are urging teachers to leave the Michigan Education Association. They claim it’s about freedom. (That word: freedom, I’m beginning to forget what it even means because it’s so often bastardized by the right to fit their litany of agendas.) The Mackinac […]


Tweet Retreat

By Tiffany Silgas Akleh, Progress Michigan intern Last week, the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP) tweeted a meme comparing George Wallace, the racist governor who blocked integration in the Alabama public schools to Mike Flanagan, the Superintendent of Public Instruction who is calling on charter school authorizers to hold charter schools accountable. GLEP was called […]


Good News: Pension Tax Not a Tax

Seniors paying the tax on pensions, passed by Michigan’s conservative controlled legislature and signed by Governor Snyder, are not actually paying a tax on their pensions, according to Rick Snyder. That’s right, despite the fact that seniors are, in fact, paying taxes on pensions that they didn’t pay before Rick Snyder changed the tax code […]


This Week in Progress

At a media training yesterday, I heard the best comment about Michigan’s lame duck session: “That sucker quacks.” That it does, but between now and then, we’ve got plenty of progress to make. This Week in PM Blogging: Gotta get down on Friday Friday news dumps are nothing unusual. However, last Friday was an especially […]

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America is Not for Brown People

By Tiffany Silgas Akleh, Progress Michigan intern Unless your skin is brown and your last name is difficult to pronounce, then our experiences through TSA are not likely the same. Yes, I still have to remove my shoes, scan my luggage, and go through the uncomfortable full-body scan. Even after the full-body scan, I am […]

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I don’t even know where to begin with all the water problems we’ve been dealing with over the last couple weeks. For starters, hundreds of thousands of people in Toledo, Ohio were without drinking water after high levels of a dangerous toxin caused by poisonous algae blooms in Lake Erie were discovered in their water […]


Gotta get down on Friday

In politics, not much usually happens on Fridays. However, for Governor Rick Snyder, last Friday (August 8) was one of those “Gotta get down” kind of Fridays where he was really looking forward to the weekend. Friday was just an overall bad day for our governor. The first news to drop was that Scott Woosley, […]


This Week in Progress

If you’ve ever been curious about what a “Friday News Dump” was, just check out the afternoon our governor had today. This Week in PM Blogging: Michigan needs leaders, not cowards Hey Michigan Republicans serving in Congress, the U.S. (and Michigan) needs leaders, not cowards. Stand up to the fringes of your party and your […]