Car insurance premiums

Money Speaks Louder than Words

By Brad O’Neil Our elected leaders are back in session and yet another piece of legislation is being rammed through the Republican-controlled legislature with little review and even less debate. Senate Bill 248 puts corporate profits above the health and well-being of accident victims by enacting major changes to Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system. The […]


The War on Drugs: A Chronic Failure

By Sam Inglot and Denzel McCampbell From straight edge to stoner, we can all agree that marijuana prohibition has failed and we need serious reforms. Many media reports focus on the economic impact that legalizing marijuana would have on the state. According to the Detroit Free Press, there are three groups pushing for marijuana legalization […]

Tea Party Government Shutdown

The Right Wants You to Hate Taxes

Today is Tax Day, which in right-wing circles is basically considered to be an anti-holiday. Conservatives loathe taxes and, therefore, hate Tax Day. Unfortunately, that narrative has taken hold in the minds of many Americans, not just those on the right. When you file your taxes, you’re helping to ensure that we can educate our […]

PM Logo No Words

Treasury Requests $52K to Fulfill Progress Michigan FOIA Request

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE News from Progress Michigan April 9, 2015 Contact: Sam Inglot, 616-916-0574, Treasury Requests $52K to Fulfill Progress Michigan FOIA Request Public information given for free by other departments comes with huge price tag  LANSING — Progress Michigan is calling on the Snyder administration to waive onerous fees related to a Freedom of Information […]


Gamrat Race for the RNC

Some scary news out of the Lansing bubble today: State Rep. Cindy Gamrat — a Dave Agema acolyte — announced she wants to join Agema as one of two Republican National Committee delegates representing Michigan The news broke today with little fanfare or news coverage, apart from some social media. State Rep. @CindyGamrat announces today […]