No Gay Civil Rights? Really?

By Brad O’Neil Did you know that under current Michigan law, a person can be fired, denied housing, or otherwise discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity? That’s right. And what are Governor Snyder and conservatives in the legislature doing about it? Nothing. In fact, some of those legislators went so far […]

Progress Michigan: New Poll Shows Schauer Ahead in Gubernatorial Race

Progress Michigan: New Poll Shows Schauer Ahead in Gubernatorial Race

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE News from Progress Michigan October 21, 2014 Contact: Sam Inglot, 616-916-0574, Progress Michigan: New Poll Shows Schauer Ahead in Gubernatorial Race LANSING — A new poll released today by Progress Michigan shows Mark Schauer gaining a slight advantage over Gov. Rick Snyder with two weeks until the election. The polls were conducted from […]

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Unanswered Aramark Questions

As you’ve heard by now, Gov. Rick Snyder’s contract with Aramark has been a disaster and is a public safety concern for Michigan residents. Despite all we know, including drug smuggling, a murder-for-hire plot and sexual romps, we still have questions that need to be answered. Dennis Muchmore and Dan Heyns discussed cancelling the $98,000 […]


This Week in Progress

This Week in PM Blogging: Can We Really Wait Until 2038? Wait for it… Wait for it… Is it 2038 yet? Gov. Snyder’s pitch to Michiganders that the state is on the road to recovery might take awhile to set in — about 24 years to be exact. Blood is Thicker than Michiganders Gov. Snyder […]


Blood is Thicker than Michiganders

They say that blood is thicker than water. An example of this saying was on display at Wayne State University during Sunday’s debate between Mark Schauer and Gov. Rick Snyder. I’ve spent a lot of time watching Rick Snyder interact with Michiganders. In most cases, he conducts himself as a disinterested bystander waiting for the […]


Can We Really Wait Until 2038?

Yesterday, during a town hall-style debate, Gov. Rick Snyder admitted that his policies haven’t shown positive results for Michiganders. In addition, Gov. Snyder repeated his belief that Michigan will be great in 2038. Wait, what? 2038? Like 24 years from now? That’s when things will get better? That got me thinking. What if other politicians […]


This Week in Progress

This Week in Progress The Aramark Scandal Saga continues with our new ad and Terri Lynn Land grasps at straws. This week in PM Blogging: Spartan Shame I call out my fellow MSU Spartans (and all of those in attendance at the MSU vs. Nebraska game) for not putting aside partisan politics for 30 seconds […]

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The Stories Speak for Themselves

Today, we released an ad that shines a light on Gov. Rick Snyder’s failure to properly run Michigan’s prisons. The ad centers on the ongoing drama that has been the Aramark contract with the Michigan Department of Corrections. From questions about maggots, to drugs, sex and even murder-for-hire, Rick Snyder’s contract with Aramark has been […]

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The Top Five Aramark Scandals You Haven’t Heard Of

By Matthew Kovac In the wake of recent revelations implicating Aramark employees in drug smuggling and even murder-for-hire in Michigan prisons, it’s worth taking a closer look at the company’s abysmal national and international record. From prison profiteering to endangering hospital patients and children, here are five of the worst out-of-state Aramark scandals that you might […]