This Week In Progress

Everyone have a fun and safe Labor Day and remember why we celebrate it! This Week in PM Blogging:  Breakdown: Snyder’s Administrative Scandals By the numbers: The dollars and cents of corruption in Snyder’s administration. Tuesdays with Terri: Net Neutrality If you’re wondering what Net Neutrality is, you’re better off Googling it than asking Terri […]


Hunting for answers

I found myself asking a lot of questions after the Michigan House decided yesterday to vote on a bill that would allow the Natural Resources Commission to designate a wolf hunt. Highlighted below are some things that I thought about after the vote dropped yesterday that have me hunting for answers: 1. Republicans have now […]


Let them Drive Golf Carts

Can you believe this? After years of failing to fix our roads and months of vacation, the Michigan legislature returned today and promptly voted to allow golf carts to be driven on local streets. Seriously? Is that what passes for leadership in the Snyder years? With forecasters calling for another polar vortex, our legislators should […]



Today is national Women’s Equality Day.  Last Monday, I blogged about the 94th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. Today marks the date in 1920 that the 19th Amendment was officially added to the U.S. Constitution. At Progress Michigan, every day is Women’s Equality Day, as we fight day […]

Breakdown: Snyder’s Administrative Scandals

Last week was the latest chapter in a growing pattern of corruption and questionable actions from the Snyder administration. Rather than opine further on the culture of cronyism that has developed from our “Tough Nerd” governor, we figured we’d just lay bare what’s happened and let you soak it all up. Kevyn Orr Threw down […]


This Week in Progress

Another week, another scandal rocks the Snyder administration. This Week in PM Blogging:  If you like it then you should have put a check on it You have a right to vote, but only because generations before you fought like hell for your rights.  Good News: Pension Tax Not a Tax News flash for seniors: […]


Wake Me Up When September Begins

The right-wingers over at Americans for Prosperity and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy are urging teachers to leave the Michigan Education Association. They claim it’s about freedom. (That word: freedom, I’m beginning to forget what it even means because it’s so often bastardized by the right to fit their litany of agendas.) The Mackinac […]


Tweet Retreat

By Tiffany Silgas Akleh, Progress Michigan intern Last week, the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP) tweeted a meme comparing George Wallace, the racist governor who blocked integration in the Alabama public schools to Mike Flanagan, the Superintendent of Public Instruction who is calling on charter school authorizers to hold charter schools accountable. GLEP was called […]


Good News: Pension Tax Not a Tax

Seniors paying the tax on pensions, passed by Michigan’s conservative controlled legislature and signed by Governor Snyder, are not actually paying a tax on their pensions, according to Rick Snyder. That’s right, despite the fact that seniors are, in fact, paying taxes on pensions that they didn’t pay before Rick Snyder changed the tax code […]