It’s another Thursday and that means it’s time for us to post our old pictures so that our friends can have a chuckle and our parents can comment and tell us how cute we were. It’s also a good time to look back at the last four years. In honor of Throwback Thursday, let’s take […]


Wednesdays in Boston

Have you heard about the latest scandal from the Snyder administration? Brian Calley has been secretly skipping town, hopping on a plane and flying to Boston to attend Harvard. Each Wednesday for two years, our Lt. Governor has quietly left to go to school (never mind the fact that he’s the second in command of […]


Elections Aren’t Auctions

Gov. Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land, Michigan’s Millionaire Pair, are buying…I mean, vying for…your vote this Election. They’re both working to make sure that their wealthy friends and corporate donors are able to spend as much money as possible to buy your vote. Terri Lynn Land kicked off the spending spree in 2004 when […]


They’re Voting, Will You?

Only 8 days remain between you and Election Day next Tuesday (unless of course, you’re voting absentee like I am). We’re all busy and we’ve all got a lot on our plates. That’s why it’s so important that you make a plan to vote. So, what’s your plan for Election Day? What time will you […]


This Week in Progress

11 days until Election Day. This Week in PM Blogging:  FEDS: Ex-Snyder Official Under Investigation For all of the scandals that have rocked the Snyder administration, it’s surprising that only one investigation has been launched. Either way, this investigation is welcome news for those wanting to hold Gov. Snyder accountable. Unanswered Aramark Questions There’s one […]


When Innovation Isn’t Welcome

By Brad O’Neil Promoting a competitive, entrepreneurial, and business friendly environment in Michigan has been the defining, if not only, image Governor Snyder had worked to portray during his time in office and it’s an image he’s counting on to get him reelected. That’s why it’s odd that the Governor signed a bill on Tuesday […]


No Gay Civil Rights? Really?

By Brad O’Neil Did you know that under current Michigan law, a person can be fired, denied housing, or otherwise discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity? That’s right. And what are Governor Snyder and conservatives in the legislature doing about it? Nothing. In fact, some of those legislators went so far […]

Progress Michigan: New Poll Shows Schauer Ahead in Gubernatorial Race

Progress Michigan: New Poll Shows Schauer Ahead in Gubernatorial Race

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE News from Progress Michigan October 21, 2014 Contact: Sam Inglot, 616-916-0574, Progress Michigan: New Poll Shows Schauer Ahead in Gubernatorial Race LANSING — A new poll released today by Progress Michigan shows Mark Schauer gaining a slight advantage over Gov. Rick Snyder with two weeks until the election. The polls were conducted from […]

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Unanswered Aramark Questions

As you’ve heard by now, Gov. Rick Snyder’s contract with Aramark has been a disaster and is a public safety concern for Michigan residents. Despite all we know, including drug smuggling, a murder-for-hire plot and sexual romps, we still have questions that need to be answered. Dennis Muchmore and Dan Heyns discussed cancelling the $98,000 […]