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Ghost Writing for Courser

This week, Representative Todd Courser issued a long, rambling statement complaining about the process of how he was assigned a seat in the House of Representatives. Courser’s complaint followed an earlier fight over the design of his office. You read that right, a newly elected member of the House of Representatives is more worried about […]

Gun money

NRA Priorities for Michigan

By Brad O’Neil Just as one unnecessary and dangerous bill is averted another is introduced. Welcome to NRA-controlled Michigan. Earlier this month, Governor Snyder vetoed an NRA (National Rifle Association)-backed bill that would have made it possible for individuals with PPOs (Personal Protection Orders) or as they’re more commonly known, Restraining Orders, to obtain CPLs […]


This Week in Progress

This week we heard about the State of the State and the State of the Union. This week in PM Blogging: Corporate Puppets You may recall what we did last year with the State of the State. We introduced you to the Fake Rick Snyder. This year, we set out to show Michiganders where Gov. Snyder’s […]


The Contract of Contradictions

You thought conservatives in our legislature over the last four years were bad? Well, say hello to two of your newly elected State House representatives, Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat. Courser and Gamrat are the poster children for the Right’s Dominionist Movement in Michigan and they let us know it every chance they get – […]


Corporate Puppets

Tonight is Gov. Snyder’s fifth State of the State address where he will undoubtedly try to whitewash his corporate-driven agenda. You may recall what we did last year with the State of the State. We introduced you to the Fake Rick Snyder. This year, we set out to show Michiganders where Gov. Snyder’s loyalties truly […]


This Week in Progress

This may come as a surprise, but this week was actually a good week in Michigan conservative-controlled politics. Shocking, right? This Week in PM Blogging: How Done is Detroit’s Deal? Detroit retirees are not the ones expressing “relief” that the bankruptcy is “done.” They are canaries in the coal mine, a warning of what can be […]


Why Stop with Agema?

Yesterday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) voted to censure Dave Agema for his numerous comments regarding race. The vote also included a demand, not likely to be heeded, for Agema to resign his post. While I’m pleased that the RNC has taken this step, I’m left with a couple of lingering questions: Why did it […]


Crashing the Tea Party: Fear and Loathing in Mount Pleasant

By Matthew Kovac With prison profiteers like Aramark enjoying sweetheart deals under Gov. Snyder’s administration, government accountability remains as relevant as ever. So it’s shameful that the Michigan Statewide Grassroots PowWow, billed as a training ground for Tea Party activists in the “battle for freedom,” instead spent the better part of last weekend spewing racist […]

Cecily McClellan, Bill Davis, Yvonne Williams-Jones and David Sole at DAREA Press Conference Thur. Jan 8

How Done is Detroit’s Deal?

Tijuana Morris is a pensioner, a 46-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department who has to pay $3,000 per month for prescription drugs. Fokls like Morris, who deserve to be relaxing after so many years of hard work, are instead being crushed under an unjust financial burden. Morris was one of the folks who spoke […]