DeVos Fails Standardized Test

Education Secretary and mega Trump donor Betsy DeVos had a hard time in her 60 Minutes interview. Despite the fact that Secretary DeVos had advanced notice of the interview, she did not perform well. DeVos looked like a student giving an oral book report despite never cracking open the book. DeVos stumbled when asked about […]

Hammoud, Abdullah

Legislator of the Year Nominee: Representative Abdullah Hammoud

Young people have historically felt their voices are not heard in the halls of government, and Representative Abdullah Hammoud is working to change that. With a new generation quickly becoming the largest voting bloc and wage-earners in America, it’s important young people have a voice in government. Decisions made today will affect young people for […]

Schuette thumb

Stock Photo Schuette

Stock photos get used all the time in advertisements, but when you’re claiming to be a “real leader” who wants to connect with “real people” like Bill Schuette is claiming, you should probably avoid using them — especially when each one highlights a massive failure in your career. Take this example: This is a stock photo […]