The Stakes of SCOTUS

Since Justice Anthony Kennedy’s recent retirement, the battle for control of the U.S. Supreme Court has taken center-stage in many political conversations. President Trump’s nominee to replace him, Brett Kavanaugh, falls to Kennedy’s right and would undoubtedly shift the court in a more conservative direction. Democrats in the Senate have promised to do everything they […]

Promote the Vote Would Eliminate Barriers and Make Voting More Accessible

Promote the Vote Would Eliminate Barriers and Make Voting More Accessible

After gathering more than 430,000 signatures, Michigan’s Promote the Vote campaign has submitted a proposed ballot initiative that, simply put, would make voting easier. The changes proposed include allowing straight-ticket voting, no-reason absentee voting, same-day registration, and automatic voter registration. Each of these policies would be a step toward ensuring every Michigander can exercise their […]

Snyder’s Latest Attack on Low-Income Communities

Snyder’s Latest Attack on Low-Income Communities

In a tenure marked mostly by continued attacks on Michigan’s most vulnerable communities, Governor Rick Snyder, with the help of progressive groups on the ground, accomplished one really good thing: the Healthy Michigan Plan, a Medicaid expansion plan allowing hundreds of thousands of low-income Michiganders to receive health insurance. Expanding Medicaid was a welcome departure […]


Progressives Shouldn’t Honor Justice Kennedy

Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement from the United States Supreme Court. Conservatives will cheer his retirement and subsequent replacement knowing the Court will move further to the right, imperiling abortion rights and marriage equality. Justice Kennedy was the “swing vote” on the Court protecting Roe V. Wade and wrote the Obergefell decision declaring […]

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Shaking Up Corporate Welfare

It’s seem like it’s every other day a corporation shows up in Lansing with its hand out asking for tax dollars to conduct business. From FoxConn to Dan Gilbert to Amazon, there is no shortage of wealthy folks asking hard working Michiganders to give them money. The Michigan Strategic Fund is the entity that decides […]