Hammoud, Abdullah

Legislator of the Year Nominee: Representative Abdullah Hammoud

Young people have historically felt their voices are not heard in the halls of government, and Representative Abdullah Hammoud is working to change that. With a new generation quickly becoming the largest voting bloc and wage-earners in America, it’s important young people have a voice in government. Decisions made today will affect young people for […]

Schuette thumb

Stock Photo Schuette

Stock photos get used all the time in advertisements, but when you’re claiming to be a “real leader” who wants to connect with “real people” like Bill Schuette is claiming, you should probably avoid using them — especially when each one highlights a massive failure in your career. Take this example: This is a stock photo […]


MSU is Only One Piece of the Problem

As an alumna of Michigan State University, all of the recent news surrounding it, including the Larry Nassar tragedy and ESPN’s Outside the Lines investigation, has been overwhelming. But let’s be clear: It’s overwhelming, not surprising. It’s overwhelming in the sense that there is a lot constantly happening related to both issues, crossing multiple platforms, […]


Hey Arlan! We Care About FOIA Reform

Progress Michigan has been at the forefront of calling for FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) reform for years. We have been joined in our calls for reform by citizens across the state, the media, good government groups and even the rabid right-wing corporate front group The Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Members of the Michigan House […]