FOIA Reform in the House

During an interview with WDET, Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield said his top two priorities for the House this year are lowering Michigan’s auto insurance rates and expanding the Freedom of Information Act. We’ll focus on the latter of those two issues for this piece because, frankly, this problem can be corrected today. When it […]

Schuette’s Toxic Legacy

Schuette’s Toxic Legacy

In a state where water contamination is a growing crisis, threats to our Great Lakes go unchecked, and corporate interests lobby to dump pollution into our air and water, people are rightly concerned about the records and proposed policies of those seeking higher office. Throughout the last year, Attorney General Bill Schuette’s record on the […]

tom leonard

Tom Leonard is Not Fit to Lead

When we picture the attorney general our state needs, we think of someone honest and dependable, someone with a proven track record of standing up for the people of Michigan. Republican House Speaker Tom Leonard doesn’t exactly live up to that expectation. During his career in our legislature, Tom Leonard has supported and helped pass […]


Belief in Democracy Shouldn’t Be Conditional

This week, Detroit News opinion editor Nolan Finley published a piece calling for an end to ballot initiatives. While he feigns concern about corporate interests and Constitutional integrity, the case he makes is both hypocritical and undemocratic. Finley starts his article with a rambling passage about how Constitutional amendments should not be taken lightly and […]