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Remembering Ken

Hugh Madden, Communications Director Michigan lost a great man last week. Ken Brock was a giant in progressive political circles, a well-respected man across the political spectrum, and an accomplished Democratic operative. I didn’t know Ken well, but we worked on the same issues and often crossed paths in late Octobers on various campaign trails. […]

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Stand With [Insert Name of Woman You Care About Here]

Your mother’s, sister’s, aunt’s, coworkers’, neighbors’, and friends’ ability to make their own reproductive decisions are under attack – again. An anti-choice group called the Center for Medical Progress has released a series of secretly recorded videos seeking to attack Planned Parenthood and eliminate the organization’s national funding. A third graphic video was just released […]


A Racial Reality Check for Progressives

By Denzel McCampbell Over the weekend, Netroots Nation, a conference that hosts thousands of progressives, hosted a Presidential Town Hall featuring two presidential candidates. During the beginning of the town hall, the discussion with candidate and former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley was paused when activists and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement stood up […]


Progress is America’s Promise

Last Friday was a historic day for America. With the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision, marriage equality became the law of land. For some, this ruling was the culmination of a decades-long fight for equal rights. For others, it was bittersweet as the decision came too late for them to enjoy the freedom that has just […]

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Utilities: 2, Michiganders: 0

It’s been a banner week for Michigan utility companies. First, with the help of our Attorney General, Bill Schuette, utilities got a free pass to continue polluting our air and water from the Supreme Court. In a 5-to-4 decision, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote: “It is not rational, never mind ‘appropriate,’ to impose billions of dollars […]


The Budget Shell Game

In case you missed it, Governor Snyder signed the 2016 state budget on Wednesday. Naturally, the governor touted all of the decent things about the new budget but failed to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts being made to critical public services like environmental quality, community health, human services, and transportation. To […]


It’s Not Just The Police

Until white America renounces police brutality, the violence will continue unabated By Matthew Kovac Police in McKinney, Texas are facing national outrage after one of their officers was caught on video assaulting and threatening to shoot unarmed black teenagers at a pool party. But the video does not simply show another case of excessive force, […]

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Steve Green Preys on Women’s Rights at Prayer Breakfast

Today, the Michigan Prayer Breakfast Committee held their annual prayer breakfast in Lansing. The prayer breakfast is a time each year when corporate-backed organizations, conservative elected officials, and out-of-control capitalists come together to pontificate about “following the ways of the Lord” while simultaneously attempting to disenfranchise struggling families, women, and LGBTQ people; undertones of homophobia […]