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Really, Terri?

Terri Lynn Land recently released an ad arguing that simply because she is a woman, she knows more about women than men do. Yes, Terri Lynn Land is a woman, but that doesn’t mean she supports policies that benefit women. Land stated she doesn’t support equal pay for equal work. She even went so far as […]

The Bill of the People

Bill Schuette likes to claim he defends the will of the people in his role as attorney general. He used this phrase when explaining why he defended Michigan’s ban on marriage equality. The people voted, after all. Blatant bigotry aside, the argument that Schuette is blindly following the collective voice of the people just doesn’t […]

This Week in Progress

This Week in Progress It’s Friday! This week featured Tax Day, Gov. Rick Snyder filing for reelection and the Detroit Free Press’ Stephen Henderson winning a Pulitzer Prize (Congrats!). Let’s get progressive! This week in PM blogging: How Does Gov. Snyder Tax Thee? Let’s Count the Ways As everyone (except maybe offshore tax haven-seeking CEOs) […]

Put up or shut up

I won’t bore you by telling you how bad Michigan’s roads are, we all know they’re garbage. We need some serious investment in our infrastructure. Without it, our economy and public safety are in trouble. Even corporate lobbyists like Rich Studley over at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce know that Michigan needs to invest in […]

This Week in Progress

Happy Friday, Michigan! Welcome to another edition of This Week in Progress. Let’s get started! This week in PM blogging: Reinventing “Reinventing Michigan” When it comes to mealy-mouthed answers to questions where a lot is said but nothing is ever really said, Gov. Rick Snyder takes home the blue ribbon. He can talk and deflect […]

Milking the Vagina Business

I read an opinion article this morning in the Detroit News by Nolan Finley. In it, he slams gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer for choosing Lisa Brown as his running mate. Or at least that’s what he does on the surface. I read through this article several times and I concluded that Nolan Finley is really […]

Big Government Brought to you by Proponents of Small Government

Last week, conservative lawmakers who regularly promise voters that they’re “creating a smaller, smarter state government” did the exact opposite and expanded government reach. The administration passed legislation allowing oil corporations to force private property owners to give them legal rights to their land in order to place carbon dioxide pipelines on their property, or […]

Reinventing “Reinventing Michigan”

Today, Governor Rick Snyder was challenged to explain why he protected and doubled a contract that benefitted his cousin, while at the same time he was cutting education funds and taxing pensions – a fair question. The Governor’s response has me scratching my head: “His company has been doing office furniture with state of Michigan […]