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This Week in Progress

This Week in Progressive Blogging: Eclectablog: Constitutionality of Michigan’s anti-democratic Emergency Manager law headed to federal court Eclectablog: Everything that’s wrong with the debate over marriage equality in one screenshot Democracy Tree: The Detroit News Overstates the Value of Privatization TWIP Clips: #ImmigrationAction The biggest news of the week has been President Barack Obama’s announcement […]


This Week in Progress

Lame Duck has begun…hold on! This Week in PM Blogging: Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management Not everyone is lauding the Plan of Adjustment that ended Detroit’s bankruptcy. Apathy is a Dangerous Course Last Tuesday’s election marked Michigan’s worst midterm voter turnout in 24 years. Exclusive Inclusivity LGB? Something is missing here… Conservative legislators introduced a bill […]


The Dismantling of Detroit

By Matthew Kovac While politicians and CEOs celebrate the approval of Detroit’s Plan of Adjustment, and the mainstream media parrots their line to the public, the real story of the bankruptcy deal has yet to be written. The court proceedings may be over, but the harm inflicted by the city’s austerity and privatization measures is […]


Exclusive Inclusivity 

Today, conservative state legislators introduced a bill to amend the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act that leaves out the transgender community completely.  This is happening despite the fact that discrimination against transgender people is often more severe than that experienced by lesbian, gay and bisexual people. In the first four months of 2014, over 100 acts […]


Apathy is a Dangerous Course

By Brad O’Neil In the era of Citizens United and a gutted Voting Rights Act where corporations are people, money is speech, and legislators making it harder for people to vote are the new norm, voting is more important today than it ever has been. Apparently, Michiganders don’t agree. Michigan’s voter turnout last Tuesday was […]


Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management Statement on the Plan of Adjustment

By Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management Federal Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes’ approval of the Plan of Adjustment is not in the best interests of Detroiters. The plan, submitted by emergency manager Kevyn Orr, supported by Mayor Duggan and Gov. Snyder, protects banks, gives away public resources, and has no method to revitalize the city. We object! […]


Elections Have Consequences

By Brad O’Neil Elections have consequences. It may sound cliché but it has held true in previous elections and it will hold true tomorrow. Historically, midterm elections have a much lower voter turnout than presidential elections yet midterms are often the more consequential. Michigan went from a 66.2 percent voter turnout in 2008 to 42.9 […]


This Week in Progress

Only three more days until Election Day! This Week in PM Blogging: They’re Voting, Will You? If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. And there’s plenty to complain about in Michigan right now. Michigan’s Most Extreme Candidate Don’t let his mild mannered demeanor fool you, Gov. Snyder is just as extreme as the hardcore right-wingers out […]



It’s another Thursday and that means it’s time for us to post our old pictures so that our friends can have a chuckle and our parents can comment and tell us how cute we were. It’s also a good time to look back at the last four years. In honor of Throwback Thursday, let’s take […]