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This Week in Progress

Victories in Lame Duck By Sam Inglot Thanks to constant pressure from progressives across the state, the damage done by the Republican Legislature was mitigated to a few smaller bills. While these bills headed for Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk won’t radically change our state individually, they do present hurdles on the track to a more […]


This Week in Progress

Thankfully, Lame Duck is heading into its final week. Traditionally, lame duck is when we’ve seen the worst of the worst legislation pass such as Right to Work and rape insurance. This year, it’s been tamer, but we have to stay vigilant because the 2015 legislature will be redder and even more conservative. TWIP Clips: […]


This Week In Progress

Lame Duck has officially gotten out of control and we’re getting loud about it. This Week in PM Blogging: Thou Doth Protest the Protests Protests are disruptive by nature. That’s why they work. Don’t Mess With Our Elections Rigging the Electoral College? Not on our watch. Lame Duck Legislative Update Controversial laws often fly under […]


Lame Duck Legislative Update

Sandwiched between busy holiday seasons, Michigan’s lame duck session can often go overlooked, but it’s during this time — and all the distractions that come with it — that some of our most controversial laws have come to pass. Rape insurance? Lame duck. Right to Work? Lame duck. A lot can happen in lame duck […]


Don’t Mess With Our Elections

We’re live-blogging the Elections and Ethics Committee hearing. Watch the hearing here and stay tuned for our updates. Just b/c the committee meeting is over doesn’t mean you can’t speak out on HB5974. Sign our petition: #MiLameDuck — Progress Michigan (@ProgressMich) December 2, 2014 On opposition, Lyons says: We have the authority to do this. #MiLameDuck — […]


Gotta Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving from the folks at Progress Michigan! Enjoy the food, family and football today and know that we’re thankful for your support every single day. Here are a few things we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving: -Progressive Bloggers / Independent Media -A higher minimum wage that’s tied to inflation -Congressman John Dingell -Protests in solidarity […]


Ferguson is Just the Beginning

By Matthew Kovac When President Obama called for peace in Ferguson after Monday night’s grand jury decision, I could not help but think of a speech that political activist Howard Zinn gave at the height of the Vietnam War. “Thousands of us were arrested for disturbing the peace,” he said. “But there is no peace. […]