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Not Just Another Conference

I attended my first Netroots Nation in Detroit last week and it exceeded all of my expectations. I learned about what it means to be a progressive from some of the best and brightest advocates in the country. But don’t worry, this blog won’t just be me gushing about all the great people I met […]

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The Right Tweets

Last week during Netroots Nation, I was quite active on Twitter. And so were the far-right tweeters around the country. During my week of tweeting about Detroit, Detroit’s image/perception and the water shutoffs, I was met with some harsh — and at times almost inhumane — tweets that the right-wingers were spewing about the city […]


While you’re here

To all of our fellow progressives attending Netroots Nation: Welcome to Detroit and to the Great Lakes State! I’ll make this quick so we can all get back to building a stronger progressive movement. We need your help while you’re here. Our right-wing governor, Rick Snyder, privatized the prison food services in our state-run prisons. […]

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We’re in Detroit. It’s going down.

Despite residing in a state that is completely controlled by conservative politicians who favor their corporate donors over middle class Michiganders, living in Michigan does have some perks. This Thursday through Sunday, the ninth annual Netroots Nation conference comes to Detroit. Netroots Nation is the largest gathering of progressive activists in the country. And guess […]


This Week in Progress

For TWIP I want to make one thing clear: Kids are kids. And they deserve compassion. This Week in PM Blogging: Get registered! If you’re planning on voting in the August primary and you’re not registered, you’re SOL. But fear not! You can still register to vote for the big kahuna — the November General […]

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Onward for Progress

As a young woman, Michigan has recently been a disheartening place to call home. A few months ago, we watched the conservative Michigan legislature deny women basic health care rights – forcing us to buy an abortion insurance rider, equating it to car insurance. That so-called rider does not exist. And then we have Terri […]


Get registered!

I’ll keep this short: Today is the deadline to register to vote for the August primary. Once upon a time, Mark Twain famously said, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” I vote Mark Twain is wrong (in this instance.) Sorry, Mark. In reality, voting is one of our most fundamental […]