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    Our mission is to provide a strong credible voice that holds public officials and government accountable and assists in the promotion of progressive ideas.

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    Progress Michigan works as a communications team and media hub for the entire progressive community. We're a marketing department for progressive ideas - a campaign that never stops.

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    Want to take your activism to the next level? Join our network of thousands of Michiganders working to make Michigan better.

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Why I Support the Recount

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the presidential recount that’s underway in Michigan. Here are my thoughts on the matter and why I think fellow progressives should speak up in support of the effort. First off, I’m wondering why we don’t have a recount/audit period for every presidential election. We rely on […]


GOP to Cops: Blue Lives Don’t Matter

Republicans love to wrap themselves in the flag, wave around (albeit not always read) the Constitution and sow division by embracing phrases such as “Blue Lives Matter.” But, this week Lansing Republicans showed just how much police lives (and teacher lives, and firefighter lives, etc.) matter to them by proposing cuts to retiree health care. […]


Conflict of Interest: Add Sen. Knollenberg to the List

By Sean Tobin Recently, Bridge Magazine documented how some elected officials might be doctoring public policy to benefit their own personal interests. This, in fact, should be considered a conflict of interest. While Bridge has done an excellent job, we think that Senator Marty Knollenberg should have been included in their list. Senator Knollenberg introduced […]


‘MI Big Rig’ Tour Launched in Lansing to Hold Republicans Accountable

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE News from Progress Michigan October 27, 2016 Contact: Sam Inglot, 616-916-0574, sam@progressmichigan.org ‘MI Big Rig’ Tour Launched in Lansing to Hold Republicans Accountable Semi-truck representing the MIGOP’s “rigged” economy will make stops in cities across Michigan LANSING — With the honk of a horn from the semi-truck parked in front of the […]