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    Progress Michigan is a first-of-its-kind organization. Our mission is to provide a strong credible voice that holds public officials and government accountable and assists in the promotion of progressive ideas.

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    Progress Michigan works as a communications team and media hub for the entire progressive community. We're a marketing department for progressive ideas - a campaign that never stops.

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A Day in 48217

This week, families in Michigan’s most polluted zip code called on Terri Lynn Land to put Michigan families first and spend a day in their community so that she can see first-hand the type of pollution their families are exposed to every day. These families deal with pollution from the Marathon refinery and other industries […]

Snyder micalling meme

Let’s ask the tough questions

Could you call this a once in a lifetime opportunity? Eh, maybe it’s more like a “once in a four-year term” opportunity. Still, it’s an opportunity that can’t be missed. Gov. Rick Snyder will be answering listener questions this Friday on Michigan Public Radio. That’s right, our governor, who is well-known for dodging questions from […]

Snyder micalling meme

#MICalling: Michigan Families Demand Answers from Gov. Snyder

On September 5th, Governor Rick Snyder will be on Michigan Public Radio’s “Michigan Calling” program and will be taking questions from Michiganders.  The program will air from 9-10 a.m. Friday morning. Callers can submit questions at (866) 255-2762 as well as on Facebook at “Michigan Calling,” or on Twitter with the #MICalling hashtag.  Now is the perfect time to hold Gov. […]

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Not Feeling it Yet?

Governor Snyder released a new ad in which he reminds us that he’s an accountant and our governor. The ad also reminds us that Rick Snyder has failed to lead Michigan to economic recovery. Yes, you heard that right – Rick Snyder’s first post-Labor Day message to voters is, “You might not feel it yet, […]


This Week In Progress

Everyone have a fun and safe Labor Day and remember why we celebrate it! This Week in PM Blogging:  Breakdown: Snyder’s Administrative Scandals By the numbers: The dollars and cents of corruption in Snyder’s administration. Tuesdays with Terri: Net Neutrality If you’re wondering what Net Neutrality is, you’re better off Googling it than asking Terri […]


Hunting for answers

I found myself asking a lot of questions after the Michigan House decided yesterday to vote on a bill that would allow the Natural Resources Commission to designate a wolf hunt. Highlighted below are some things that I thought about after the vote dropped yesterday that have me hunting for answers: 1. Republicans have now […]