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    Our mission is to provide a strong credible voice that holds public officials and government accountable and assists in the promotion of progressive ideas.

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    Progress Michigan works as a communications team and media hub for the entire progressive community. We're a marketing department for progressive ideas - a campaign that never stops.

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    Want to take your activism to the next level? Join our network of thousands of Michiganders working to make Michigan better.

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All eyes on Michigan

Today is the day. Mitt Romney will face Michigan voters on the heels of news that the Detroit automakers he wanted to go bankrupt are now selling so many cars they’re racing to keep up. According to the latest polls, 63 percent of registered voters in Michigan and 56 percent of Americans think the auto […]

Under Attack

Under Attack

Michigan’s presidential primary is less than one week from today. But instead of offering a vision to put people back to work, all we’ve heard are more attacks on workers’ collective bargaining rights. Mitt Romney recently promised to “battle unions” that represent Michigan autoworkers, and Rick Santorum has said he doesn’t feel “warm and fuzzy about […]


Trees are the right height here

Trees are the right height here. I love the lakes. I love cars. That’s how Mitt Romney is trying to smooth over that other thing he said about Michigan and our rebounding auto industry: “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” In fact, tomorrow Mitt Romney will be holding an event at Ford Field saying the very same […]


Let Romney Go Bankrupt

Reckless, detached from reality, dishonest. That’s what the CEO of AutoNation, Inc., the largest auto-dealer group in the U.S., said about Mitt Romney’s dangerous opposition to the auto rescue that was famously headlined  “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” And he’s right: If Romney had had his way, GM wouldn’t be posting its highest profit ever and […]

A Valentine to the Far-Right

A Valentine to the Far-Right

Frustrated by President Obama’s popular compromise that maintains religious freedom and protects women’s health with support from Catholic hospitals, universities and leaders, Republicans in Congress are working hard to further empower corporations at the expense of affordable access to birth control. Never ones to miss an opportunity to score cheap political points with far-right extremists, […]