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    Progress Michigan is a first-of-its-kind organization. Our mission is to provide a strong credible voice that holds public officials and government accountable and assists in the promotion of progressive ideas.

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"Our Friend Martin."

“Our Friend Martin.”

There’s not a lot of room to contribute original commentary on Martin Luther King, Jr., what he meant for oppressed people fighting for civil rights and equality, etc. But thinking back to a video my youngest brother watched in second grade, shown by the only African-American teacher in the entire school district, I was struck […]

Doug Geiss responds

Doug Geiss responds

The state Rep. defends his position on cuts to state lawmakers & officials benefits / perks packages. From the comments of the post on the ever-timely Michigan Liberal: Let me also make another simple point.  We get worked up over legislative pay, but make no mention that a new head football coach at a State […]

Mackinac:  a place of beauty and a beast

Mackinac: a place of beauty and a beast

(note:  The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Koch Bros-funded right-wing advocacy group, recently used Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act as an intimidation tool, seeking emails sent by university professors whose academic focus is on labor issues. Flint’s Marcie Hemgesberg wrote the following post on the topic) Did I ever tell you my family once […]

Nice try, Santorum.

Nice try, Santorum.

Rick Santorum says Social Security is going bankrupt (which is a lie) because we don’t have enough workers contributing to the fund.   Well, a third of all the young people in America are not in America today because of abortion, because one in three pregnancies end in abortion.   Oh, I see. I thought […]

Ezra explains it all

Ezra explains it all

Ezra Klein, who just seems to have the answers to everything, has the magic bullet again. This time, it’s how to cut the federal deficit in half. Just let the Bush tax cuts expire in 2012… He’s got a very simple, explanatory graph up as well, and makes this brilliant point: Even better, because expiration […]

Racing to the Bottom

Racing to the Bottom

Bonnie B. at the Lansing Online News has a must-read piece today about  what’s behind the full-bore assault on higher ed, and what we should do about it. Just as NAFTA initiated a race to the bottom for Midwest factory workers, the new austerity promoted by the GOP will gut public education, while deflating the […]