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Wage Theft Bills Should Garner Immediate Support

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE News from Progress Michigan October 30, 2017 Contact: Sam Inglot, 616-916-0574, sam@progressmichigan.org Wage Theft Bills Should Garner Immediate Support Working people should be paid for the work they’ve done LANSING — Progress Michigan is voicing support for a package of bills unveiled today that would address wage theft in Michigan. The bill package […]

If You Can't Win On The Merits, Cheat

If You Can’t Win On The Merits, Cheat

Republicans’ 2012 election strategy? If you can’t win the vote fairly, keep people from voting. This year, a wave of legislation tightening voting restrictions has suddenly swept across the nation. All but two of the new laws were signed by Republican governors and generated by Republican legislatures. According to a study published by the Brennan […]

Dismantling Democracy in Michigan

Dismantling Democracy in Michigan

Looking for a Emergency Manager destination to find out if your community is in danger? Click here. In Benton Harbor, one of Michigan’s first new local emergency managers under Public Act 4 described himself as an “angel of common sense” just days after he suspended democracy there by ordering the City Council to quit doing […]

Glass house, meet stones.

Glass house, meet stones.

Recommended reading from The Nerd‘s Facebook page, skewering Michigan’s universities for hiring more administrators and giving pay raises. Ironic money quote: “There are too many administrators making too much money,” he said. Please note the “he” is not Snyder, but an EMU faculty rep who seems to stand in for the Snyder administration’s position. Interesting, […]

Well that was a nice surprise!

Well that was a nice surprise!

Last week, when the Snyder administration appealed a judge’s decision to overturn the DRNE’s decision to deny an air permit to Holland Board of Public Works, they upheld former Governor Granholm’s 2009 directive to  require a thorough analysis of the need for and alternatives to new sources of power before they are built.  I have to say, I was quite […]


Bishop Takes the King?

Image via Wikipedia Quite a bit of ink has been spilled on Governor-elect Rick Snyder’s picks to fill his cabinet (and his plan to rearrange said cabinet to resemble a boardroom.) When he’s not reuniting former Gov. John Engler‘s band of brothers, as with his pick to head the “Quality of Life” supergroup — the […]


Things That Go Boom

Image via Wikipedia You can’t make this stuff up, folks. First, the so-called leaders of Michigan’s state Legislature, Senate majority Leader Mike Bishop and Speaker of the house Andy Dillon, blow a Sept. 2 deadline to put a permanent ban on drilling for oil in the Great Lakes on the November ballot. Cue up the […]