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What is Midland Public Schools Hiding?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE News from Progress Michigan November 17, 2017 Contact: Hugh Madden, 734-250-2070, hugh@progressmichigan.org What is Midland Public Schools Hiding? Progress MI has endured high FOIA costs, delays in trying to access public information  MICHIGAN — After months of dialog and thousands of dollars in fees, Midland Public Schools continues to stymie Progress Michigan’s access to […]


State Education Superintendent Skewers ‘School Choice’ Hardliners

Michigan’s Superintendent of Education Brian Whiston was on the news program “Off the Record” where he talked about efforts to improve public education in the state. During the segment he drew a hard line in the sand on charter schools — one of Michigan Republicans’ favorite education schemes. Asked about the performance thus far of U.S. […]


ALEC’s War On Kids

Have you heard about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)? ALEC is funded by big corporations who draft legislation, then hand it to lawmakers to introduce as their own. ALEC is the driving force behind Michigan’s recent taste for privatizing public education through voucher, charter, and cyber schools. They’ve even got a special department devoted […]