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Hear No Gap, See No Gap

In response to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive directive working to end the gender wage gap, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey recently made the elementary argument that he doesn’t see a gap, therefore none exists.   Shirkey recently told the Michigan Advance, “I don’t. I have no evidence of such. I have both a staff […]

chatfield arrest

Unlocked and Loaded

You wouldn’t expect someone who doesn’t speak a foreign language to be your translator. You wouldn’t want a pediatrician designing bridge construction. And you wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t understand the basics of firearms safety to be dictating gun laws in Michigan, would you? Probably not, but unfortunately, Republican Lee Chatfield is the Speaker of […]


FOIA Reform in the House

During an interview with WDET, Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield said his top two priorities for the House this year are lowering Michigan’s auto insurance rates and expanding the Freedom of Information Act. We’ll focus on the latter of those two issues for this piece because, frankly, this problem can be corrected today. When it […]

Schuette’s Toxic Legacy

Schuette’s Toxic Legacy

In a state where water contamination is a growing crisis, threats to our Great Lakes go unchecked, and corporate interests lobby to dump pollution into our air and water, people are rightly concerned about the records and proposed policies of those seeking higher office. Throughout the last year, Attorney General Bill Schuette’s record on the […]