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Snyder must come clean on secret slush fund

Lansing yawned when it was announced, months ago, that Gov. Rick Snyder was starting a few political funds – including his now-infamous NERD Fund, which isn’t required to disclose its donors. A November 2012 report compared the non-profit, chaired by Republican booster Charlie Secchia, to similar funds operated by Kwame Kilpatrick and Bob Ficano. But at least […]


Rep. Tom McMillin, Unscripted

A few months ago, Dave Agema made headlines by openly discriminating against Michigan’s LGBT community, saying they’re responsible for “half the murders in large cities.” Calls for his resignation came from every corner of the political spectrum, except the far-right. When pressed, Gov. Snyder said he wasn’t going to “get in the middle of all […]


Gov. Snyder’s “Pure Michigan” is pure bull

Last week, Lansing politicians left for vacation to attend a $400 per person fishing fundraiser instead of voting to provide lifesaving health care to nearly half a million struggling Michiganders. The worst part? The costs associated with unexpected health emergencies will eat into the budgets of working Michiganders, and – without Medicaid – further endangers […]


ALEC’s War On Kids

Have you heard about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)? ALEC is funded by big corporations who draft legislation, then hand it to lawmakers to introduce as their own. ALEC is the driving force behind Michigan’s recent taste for privatizing public education through voucher, charter, and cyber schools. They’ve even got a special department devoted […]


You reap what you sow

Republicans cut $1 billion from local schools to pay for a $1.8 billion corporate handout that was supposed to create “more and better jobs.” That hasn’t happened. In fact, unemployment is higher than it was at the same point in Jennifer Granholm’s first term, more children are living in poverty, and recently small business owners […]


Welcome to Company Town, USA!

The Mackinac Center is a partisan think-tank funded by well-heeled special interests and lobbies to bring free-market principles to Michigan’s government. If you read “free-market principles” and understood it to mean a “corporate-first mentality that benefits their wealthy backers,” then you’re probably already familiar with them. Up until recently, the Mackinac Center benefited from being […]


House GOP Just Can’t Get Enough

Last night around 10:00, there was plenty of bipartisan happiness in the House chambers. After Medicaid expansion passed 76-31, some House Democrats even applauded the Republicans for finally dropping their obstructionism and compromising on a program that will deliver affordable healthcare to some 400,000 uninsured Michiganders while saving the state billions. In most states, that’s […]

Say Vagina

Say Vagina

One year ago today, State Rep. Lisa Brown said “vagina.” She was banned from speaking on the House floor for using the anatomically correct word while standing up against another far-right attack on women’s health. That word started a landslide of support for a woman’s right to choose, and thousands came out to support women’s […]


Gov. Snyder: Let them eat cake!

Today, Judge William Collette ordered Gov. Snyder and a DC-based law firm to hand over all documents related to the hiring of Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr. Richard Baird, a contractor paid $100,000 through a private fund supported by secret donors, is even claiming Executive Privilege protections extend to his correspondence with the Snyder administration: […]